Maximise your company’s security

Restricting entrance to your property, building or rooms to authorised persons is critical for commercial enterprises. Equally important is the need to record and store the data for audit purposes.

There’s a plethora of technologies on the market to choose from, which use different methods of access restriction:

Something the user knows… Password, pin number

Something the user has… Smartcard, key fob

Something the user is… Fingerprints, biometric


Come and talk to us, and we’ll advise on the best solution for your business.



Stylish, modern & sophisticated presentation solutions

Simplify and streamline the audio – visual technology in your boardroom, meeting rooms, conference halls and throughout your business…

Whatever your budget, we can find a high performance, integrated solution to suit your needs. We work with a range of leading brands – including at the top end, Crestron’s fully integrated touch panel technology – to give you stylish, modern and sophisticated presentation solutions.

The result… seamless and user-friendly technology, resulting in productive meetings, impressive presentations and better client relationships.



Available soon…



Lighting is key to business on so many levels, and getting it right can make all the difference.
At Blinc, we can offer a range of lighting and shading solutions for your business…

Choice: A huge range of lighting and shading choices to set the mood and ambience for your home;

Control: The ability to control and automate lighting and shading, both from the house and remotely;

Savings: Save money on your bills, and save energy…greater control means better efficiency, bigger savings, and a greener world.



Network solutions for all your business needs

Networks are the heart of every modern construction. Without them, businesses cannot function.

Local area network (LAN) for a single office or group of offices in a small area

Wide area network (WAN) for offices and staff in more than one location

GSM network to ensure a stable GSM signal throughout the whole building.

We can talk you through the options, and propose the best solution for your business needs.



Hi-tech solutions to protect your business

Protection of your customers, employees and stock is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Installing the latest surveillance and alarm technologies gives business owners

  • Time and money savings in the long term
  • Peace of mind
  • Control

Practical benefits could include

  • Remote video monitoring
  • Video auditing of secure areas to ensure safety compliance
  • The ability to deter and monitor shoplifting

Come and talk to us about the best security solution for your business.



Technology management at the touch of a button…

a business where lighting, shading, heating, screens and audio-video equipment could all be controlled from a user-friendly touch panel or custom keypad, both on-site and remotely.

an intelligent, intuitive and green platform – that runs all your energy-consuming functions with just one system – allowing you to benefit from significant cost and efficiency savings.

All this is possible with integrated solutions from Crestron. From boardrooms and meeting rooms through to office lighting and heating systems…whatever your needs, there is no doubt that we can streamline and simplify the technology in your business – with impressive results.

By taking a holistic approach to your business you could:

  • Enjoy seamless technological luxury in your boardroom, meeting rooms and throughout the business
  • Simplify and streamline your operations – including upgrades and maintenance
  • Add control and flexibility to your business – wherever you are…
  • Easily monitor and control everyday usage with fault and maintenance reports
  • Benefit from significant cost and efficiency savings

From hotels to offices … whatever your sector. Come and talk to us.